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Cut wood and timber safer with the use of a Chainsaw Sawhorse

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Chainsaw Sawhorses
Faq’s on the different chainsaw sawhorses available
Here you can find details and information on the frequently asked questions with regards to chainsaw sawhorses


Can all brands of chainsaw sawhorses be used with electric and petrol chainsaws?

Can sawhorses be folded flat for storage purposes?

How flexible are sawhorses for transportation in vehicles?

Are metal chainsaw sawhorses more robust than wooden ones?

Are metal sawhorses protected from corrosion?

What weight can the Stihl branded wooden sawhorse support?

What weight can the Stihl branded metal sawhorse support?

Would a tree surgeon utilise one of these accessories for professional use?

What are the dimensions of the Parasene branded metal sawhorse?

What is a securing chain used for?

How does a Portek sawhorse differ from others that can be purchased?

Which sawhorses support the weight of the chainsaw in addition to the log or branch being worked on?

Is there a budget priced sawhorse that is suitable for occasional use?