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Stihl Wooden Sawhorse
Cut wood and timber safer with the use of a Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse

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Stihl Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorses
Stihl Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse
The Stihl Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse offers a safe and efficient way for the chopping, cutting, and sawing of logs when using an electric or petrol chainsaw.
From perhaps the most well known manufacturer worldwide of electric and petrol chainsaws and forestry cutting equipment, the Stihl Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse is built to the high standard you would expect from this manufacturer, and is strong, stable in use, safe to work on, and as an added bonus, folds flat for east transportation and storage.
This essential accessory is manufactured from precision cut timber sections. Being wooden this saw horse is also light in weight making it east to carry and transport.
As standard this Stihl Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse is fitted with a log securing rope for securely attaching logs and timber ready to be sawn or chopped.
Another leading feature of this wooden sawhorse is its ability to be folded flat for easy transportation and storage. This allows this sawhorse to be carried in the boot of most hatchback cars and also allows it to be stored in a tool shed or garage without taking up too much room as well.
Cut and saw logs safer with the use of a wooden sawhorse
Safety should be right at the forefront of any chainsaw users mind. Without the help of a sawhorse a chain saw user can struggle to hold logs and timber safely as both of the operators hands are usually kept busy just operating the saw itself. A Stihl Wooden Chain Saw Sawhorse effectively locks the log being sawn in place by way of its securing rope, this allows greater freedom and safety to be enjoyed by the saw operator, as well as faster cutting giving a time saving on the work in hand.
Uniform cutting of tree logs and branches
One of the most useful features of a wooden sawhorse is it’s ability to allow repeat uniform lengths of sections of timber and logs to be cut. By simply moving the log or timber section across the bench, consistent length cuts can be made.
Fast assembly of the wooden sawhorse
When you buy this high quality stihl branded wooden chainsaw sawhorse you can put it to work almost immediately. Flat packed for easy transportation assembly is minimal with the securing rope taking just a few moments to assemble and attach to the saw horse itself. After that it is ready for helping you cut timber sections and logs safer and faster than before.
Flexibility with all types of chainsaws
As you would expect from Stihl, their wooden type chainsaw sawhorse can be used with almost all brands and models of cordless (battery powered), electric, and petrol driven chainsaws. In addition you can use manual wood cutting saws such as bow saws and log saws as well as axes and fells with this versatile piece of forestry equipment.
Is this accessory suitable for use by a tree surgeon or professional forestry worker?
Yes, the Stihl Wooden Sawhorse is often a first choice by tree surgeons and forestry workers Nationwide that recognise the safety improvements and efficiency savings a saw horse can provide. One often overlooked aspect of a tree surgeons work is that they carry out work on trees both at root level as well as all the way up to the top of the tree. A wooden sawhorse allows them to cut and chop logs and branches on site ready for easy removal and disposal.
Why struggle to saw through logs without a wooden sawhorse?
A wooden type sawhorse can help prevent accidents and incidents occurring when using any type of hand saw or chainsaw. You may be familiar with the log or wood you are working on moving around as you try to cut through it? Or perhaps you have had a near miss with the blade of a chain saw whilst working bent or crouched over? By securing your work to one of these sawhorses you are reducing the likely hood of causing damage to your chain saw as well harm to you. Why struggle when chopping or cutting logs when you can work safer and easier with one of these useful accessories?
Tough wooden timber construction
Light in weight, allows easy carrying and transportation
Log / branch securing rope
Folds flat for easy and convenient storage
Recognised Stihl quality
Product code: 00008814602